LCSW, SAP, CSAT Supervisor


After working for twenty years in the world of business I made a major career change to work in a field I have tremendous passion about. When I decided to work with individuals with sexual addiction and their family members experiencing the related trauma I knew I would need to get the very best training I could. That’s why I sought out Dr. Carnes training program for therapists working with sexual addictions and trauma. After working with many sexual addicts who very often have other addictions, I further educated myself on multiple addictions. I feel that being certified as a sex addiction therapist and a multiple addiction therapist combined with what I have learned in my office and in life has allowed me to genuinely help those that are struggling with this powerful, life-threatening addiction. 


I am now enjoying a time in my career where I am able to take the knowledge I have gained and pass it on to fellow therapists, community members and others seeking guidance or training on these tough topics.