• Kathy Kinghorn, LCSW, CSAT-Supervisor

Are you trying hard, in the right direction?

I was recently at the skate park with my 8 y/o grandson and my 6 y/o granddaughter. She approaches the park fearlessly and he approaches with a significant amount of trepidation. He was trying to master going down a hill and was having no luck getting enough courage to do so. This is where his cousin steps in and says, "I'll help you." So, they go over to the slope and my granddaughter is trying to coach him down the slope. He makes several valiant attempts but can't quite do it. She finally walks over and I congratulate her on her kindness and willingness to help her cousin. She says to me, "Grandma, he was trying hard to figure out a way not to do it." She was right. Anxiety with a touch of fear was preventing him from moving forward. Those emotions allowed him to think of a lot of reasons to "not do it." I realized how easy it was to relate to his predicament. Every day I wake up and figure out a way not to drink water. This allows me to have Diet Coke and my body is at an age that it keeps telling me to stop drinking Diet Coke!

We are all going to face challenges that are scary. We can use those moments to figure out a way to move forward or figure out a way not to move forward. The choice is ours. I'm grateful for the lessons a little girl taught me that day.