Recovering from the effects of another person’s sexaholism has been the most painful, exhausting, and grueling thing I’ve ever had to face.  The constant change of emotion and irrational thinking was almost unbearable.  Kathy was there for me as a beacon of light and reasoning in my raging storm of crazy.  Her ability to relate to people on many different levels, accepting their humanness, and encouraging their growth is a gift that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.  Using just the right balance of firmness and gentleness, she guided my progress and allowed me to learn through trial and error without judgment.  Her compassion and true concern for anyone seeking recovery (rather it be the addict or victim) is what makes Kathy so unique and successful. 


I highly recommend Kathy as someone who can provide the tools for professional learning in the field of mental health. Kathy is a personable and warm individual and has exceptional teaching skills.  Her skills go above and beyond as she is able to share information in a relatable way using meaningful stories and profound analogies that assist in internalizing understanding of material.  I am grateful for her skilled way of teaching in a humble and confident matter and that she is so willing and talented in sharing her knowledge with mental health professionals.  


 I am currently being supervised by Kathy as I work towards my CSAT certification and it has been a wonderful experience. Kathy also came to me highly recommended by another member of the CSAT community Jeremy Boberg. 

During my time with Kathy I have found her to be a very skilled clinician. She listens, shares valuable insight and understand the issues I bring to supervision. I always leave with knowledge and tools to move forward with my clients and practice. Kathy always puts me at ease when I come in and she is easy to communicate with and validates me as a therapist and colleague. 

I highly recommend Kathy for any supervision needs. 


I have had a great opportunity of working with Kathy on different levels. She is a woman of unusual skills and knowledge in the sexual addiction area. Kathy has an ability for you to feel safe and understood, but at the same time goes to the root of the problem. My life is better because I have talked with her. I would recommend her highly.